Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tel Aviv

This was quite possible one of the most perfect days...ever. We bused it out early to Tel Aviv, where I was greeted by this beautiful site when we got off the bus.
We started things off right with a swim on the beach. This was only my second time ever swimming on a beach, and I got rocked pretty hard by those waves. But luckily, I was given lots of helpful tips by my friends from BYU Hawaii. By the end of the day I caught quite a few waves body surfing.

We had lunch and played some volleyball, then it was off to investigate the city! We headed off to the carmel market. I'll need to go check, because someone miss-read her Israeli tour guide book and thought it was called camel market, so that's what we ended up calling it all day long. After getting there we broke up into groups of three, and I adventured with Tanya and Aaron. I have never randomly fell into such a good group! We were all very chill, laid back, and enjoyed the day even when we got lost and walked all over the place.
This is Aaron, truly a man of great stature. Hailing from BYU Hawaii, he is part of a band that sings about pirates such as Lobster Mcgee and riding bicycles to Japan.
Explorer of all, fearer of none, Tanya does it all. She is a black belt, with the ability to totally kill anything with one judo chop. At Provo she's started some crazy Brazilian fighting/dance thing, and spent the past summer wrestling grizzly bears in Alaska. Later it was made known that she's an Obama hater, but I think we can look past that. :)

Today's adventures covered falafel and gelato, finding a deformed pidgin with feathers on it's feat, a Hebrew Darth Vadar, getting pooped out of an elephant, and a night swim (dropping trou and all). Honestly, I can't think of a better day.

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