Monday, September 14, 2009

Shephelah Field Trip

Today we had one long, actually very long field trip. It lasted most of the day, but was pretty cool. We visited that low hill country of Judea, focusing on events associated with the Philistines in the era of Judges and the books 1st and 2nd Samuel.

Most of the field trip was underground actually. We went through old areas used for water storage, a cave for raising carrier pidgins, an olive press inside a fortress, something called the bell caves, and some random cave for fun. We also saw the ruins of a fortress at Lakhish, overlooked the Sorek Valley where Samson was raised, and visited the Valley of Elah which is where David fought Goliath.

Like I said this is was a ridiculously long field trip, so I'm not exactly sure where to begin or what to tell about. To make matters even worse, I was slightly chafed from walking around Tel Aviv yesterday after swimming, and had somehow managed to sit on the mouthpiece of my camelpack and leak about a liter of water on my pants. Yeah, not too what I think I will do is just throw up some pictures this time around with a couple comments to each one. That should be the easiest.
This is Sorek Valley. Samson was raised here, you could just see those foxes he set on fire running through the field down below us.
This was inside the bell caves. The acoustics were crazy. We had a couple students sing a solo there, and we sang many hymns together as a group.
This is overlooking the hills of Judea from the ruins of Lachish. This was the last line of defense against Assyria and Babylon before Jerusalem.
At the valley of Elah, we had a chance to use slings made here in Israel/Palistine. We shot at a box across a dried up creek, right where David would have fought Goliath.
And this is just me hanging out of a hole in the ceiling of a cave we went to for fun. Have a good one everybody!

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