Friday, September 4, 2009

First Impressions of the Jerusalem Center

First off everyone and his mom has these crazy chaco sandals. I think they're almost as dumb as crocs, but whatever.

Now that I got that out of my system, let's see here. It's time to whip this blog into shape, it has been way too long. I'll give a big update here then try my best to write smaller post more frequently. I'll also try to fill in the blank between now and last fall with blog post whenever I have the time as well. That way I can fill in the gaps. Hopefully either way this will still be entertaining.

August 31 we had this huge meeting with good old Econ Prof K-rizzle let's call him. People say he's a bitter old man that thrives upon the idea that he can intimidate young college aged students. While other's complained, I thought his meeting was good. Although the parents were absolutely ridiculous. Here's a quick rendition of how it went.

K-rizzle "I'm going to be very blunt with you all. Women are not allowed to show cleavage at all. Shirts must be loose and higher on your chest, above and behind normal BYU standards."

Stupid mother " What about these kind of tops?"

K-rizzle "Avoid cleavage"

Another stupid mother " And what about this kind of top"

K-rizzle " As long as there's no cleavage"

30 min later on a completely different topic

Yet again another mother, " Well I have a great question *long dramatic pause* my daughter really likes to where these types of shirts, is that allowed?"

K-rizzle "Um... once again, avoid cleavage..."

You'd think when a BYU teacher has to be to blunt to talk about cleavage and using terms as slut, people could understand on the first try. But no, they have to take over the meeting with nonsense. First off, why are these parents even here? Second, I can totally understand parents wanting to come ask questions because they're afraid that their kids are going to be blown up in Jerusalem, but these women only worried about the dress code their daughters would have to obey. Even more so than their daughters. I can only deduce that these women I saw today are the future of all those really annoying girls I see on campus that major in Home and Family Sciences with an emphasis in sewing or some other "discipline" like that......(edited later: note that this was an angry rant, I am not saying everyone pursuing this major is annoying, just that most of the girls who annoy me the most at Provo coincidentally all pursue the family sciences)

So I can absolutely 100% understand what jet lag feels like now. Never before have I slept 8 hours, gotten up, and wanted to go back to bed for another 8 at noon. The flights were a lot of fun. There was this crazy Austrian one that made me wish I had my father's German. These planes were seriously ridiculous though. The seats were green with red, white, or yellow things over the head rest. They had red pillows and even uglier lime green blankets to go along with it all. The first class had an even worse blue and purple theme to go with their green.
Do you know that popular painting of Jesus Christ sitting on a hill looking over the Jerusalem? Well that view is pretty much what I get every day there. Outside my apartment is a balcony, and I'm actually sitting under an olive tree with about the same view the Savior did in that picture. It's my favorit spot to do homework.
IMG_1400 21-45-39
Our first night after we arrived we all ate dinner then walked outside just to look out into the view. The sun was setting as the Islamic call to prayer was broadcast over the streets into the city. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

That's enough rants for one post. I'll finish with my first day of freedom in the city. We had our first real day to go out and explore the city. We walked the Via Dolorosa, which happens every Friday. It starts where tradition says Christ met with Pilot, and ends at this shrine built above where his tomb was in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Then we saw the West Wall. I went in and saw their library and all sorts of stuff in there. Next time I'll bring some paper to put in the wall.....that is if I'm allowed to. I guess I need to figure that one out first.

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