Sunday, September 27, 2009


Luxor was the land of travelling through different mediums. We went down there by plane, rode a carriage, a camel, a sail boat and a motor boat on the Nile, and we rode a train back up to Cairo. Check out some of these pictures.
Pictures are kind of lacking on this one for me, because the battery died in my camera and it took awhile to find someone with a charger I could borrow. Which was already for the morning, because they made a new rule where you can't take cameras into the Valley of Kings. But I do have some cool pictures of temples and such. This trip really made me feel like Indiana Jones, climbing through all sorts of tombs and old ruins. Here's one really cool picture on the back of the Holy of Holies in the Luxor temple.
Around this picture it has all sorts of symbols that directly translates into, "I give to you protection, eternal life, stability, power, health inside your heart like God/Ra forever." It's fascinating to see how much this culture eternal life and the resurrection.
Here is a wonderful temple that carried a history of Egyptian wars and accomplishments on it's walls.

Another huge part of Luxor for me was the aspect of haggling at the shops. I found out that I'm actually a pretty good haggler naturally. It seems like the best way to go about things is to come across like you don't care about anything and to stay quiet. So all I had to do was remember how tired I was, and a non-caring quiet Josh just came out naturally.

Well that about covers everything in Luxor. I'm not sure how well this picture will come out online, but this is a nice ending pic on the sunset looking over the Nile from our hotel before we left on the train back to Cairo.

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