Friday, September 25, 2009

Back from Egypt!

Whoa dang, has it been a crazy trip here in Egypte! I have no idea where even to begin. In a nut shell I saw an overview of the wilderness Moses passed through during the Exodus, slept at a Kibbutz, saw a pyramid light show at Giza, saw the Sphinx, checked out some things in Memphis, bought papyrus, went to Luxor, walked through the Valley of Kings, saw King Tut's body, saw Hatchepsut's Monument, saw Karnak and Luxor's temples, toured old Cairo, went into the Muhammed Ali Mosque, and saw the sunrise on the top of Mt. Sinai. Not to mention bartering at local markets, riding a bus, plane, camel, train, motor boat and sail boat on the Nile as well as traveled along the Suez Canal and the Red Sea Coast, learned a ton more about Mormon temples, got the Egyptian squirts, and fought a cold being drugged on NyQuil the entire time.

Now how on Earth do I write this into an intelligent, organized, and entertaining reading......

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  1. Wow, BYU has great field trips! What was you're favourite mode of transportation? Are camels very common for getting around or just for tourism? I hope you come visit us in Arizona so we can hear all your stories in person.