Saturday, November 14, 2009

Snorkeling Adventure

I just have to say that this was my first time ever snorkeling, and I have to say that I just loved it. From those that had gone before, they said that this had more types of fish than any other place they had snorkeled at. Some of the coral is better at other places, but by far the variety of fish win here at the Red Sea. Despite recent illnesses, I was able to make the trip and had a great time.

So snorkeling is a little tricky at first. I jumped in and had to practice for awhile to teach myself to trust the snorkel and actually breath through it. It took awhile to get use to, but I got the hang of thing eventually. Next up was getting comfortable diving down a bit. That one was a lot harder. Most people seemed to be able to blow all the water out of their snorkels once they got near the surface again, but I always had to tread water and tip the thing over to make sure it was clear. At least it's a lot easier to float in the ocean than in fresh water. After all this practice, I was able to make the trek from one end of our designated area to the other. It was a triumphant day for the dookster.

The fish we saw were crazy! One of my room mates is a hard core fish guru, and knew everything there is to know about all the fish. He was like an encyclopedia for us all. Unfortunately I forgot almost all that he told me, so I'll describe it all like this. There were a couple flat oval fish with zebra stripes and a little yellow coloring on top. A few fish had a wonderful rainbow coloring to them. Another looked like a huge swimming stick. They all would swim up right next to us, I even had some times where I was swimming right in the middle of a school of fish. It was insane, I definitely need to do it again sometime.

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