Thursday, October 15, 2009

I suck

Wow so I really suck. Nothing since Egypt, I was suppose to be getting better about this. Oh well. I'm sad to say this will be a pretty small post, but I think I'll do a better job keeping this blog interesting if I do more frequent smaller posts anyway. Here is a quick list of cool stuff I've done since Egypt. I'll do my best to go back and write about these times as I can. I'm exhausted and will head to bed soon, but here's my past few weeks at a glance.

  • Visited Jericho with it's old archeological sites and such
  • Travelled through Hezekiah's Tunnel
  • Saw wonder General Conference over a 3 week spread on top of normal church services
  • Went to a Matisyahu concert, my first real concert might I add
  • Ushered at a musical performance held at the center
  • Went on a picture Scavenger hunt in West Jerusalem
  • Survived another wave of mid-terms
  • Watched a documentary staring a couple of my professors and realized just how crazy this program really is
  • Ground up some hyssop and herded a flock of sheep
  • Just now got out of an open mic activity at our center. This program is stacked with music majors and crazy talented people, it was a lot of fun.

Well that was a fun list wasn't it? I have a pretty cool little photoshop side project I was working on the other day. Look at this picture, a seemingly perfect jumping pic in front of the oldest pyramid in the world. But to my dismay, I ruined this picture.
Look at that ridiculously pale eye-sore. Man, what is going on over here?

So mind you I've only messed with photoshop for a week or two before I came out to Jerusalem, but I have to admit this looks pretty good. Way to be cloning and blurring tools!
So there you have it, a little quickie on what's going on here in J-town. Hope you all are doing well. And you all I mean mom, who else would spend time reading this blog. lol

Ok so I realize now that these pics became so small on blogger that this looks like nothing, but at the original resolution of my 12 megapixel camera this was a big deal, I swear.

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