Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Couple Activities at BYU

My goodness, the homework just never stops. I feel like every time I almost get caught up with everything, I realize that I'm already behind in three or four other assignments. This past weekend I spent studying day and night just for one test, (it was all about the history of science, from Thales to Aristotle to Galileo and Newton, all in about two weeks. It was crazy, I have no idea why I'm taking that class) did fairly well on it, but now I can see that I'm already three reading assignments behind in the next unit of that class. Arghgh Not to mention being behind in a couple papers in English as well. Oh well, college just keep pelting me in the head with information. Hopefully I'll be able to retain something from all this.

I've decided that Utah is pretty amazing. This time around for General Conference (which was HUGE!!!!! It's where the Prophet and Apostles on the Earth today speak directly to us about the issues of today, just like Peter, James, John, and the other Apostles would back in New Testament times), I was able to attend the Sunday Morning session in person. It was amazing! It was like the Magic Mormon Land from the big TV screen I've always seen as a kid became real life. Like jumping into the screen of your favorite show, I saw all my heroes. I had my first stroll through Temple Square as well, it was awesome seeing so many hard working sister missionaries.

A cool thing at BYU is that ever single night there are sheap things to go do. perhaps that explains why I'm so behind in homework......Anyway I've been able to see some music performances every week for free. There's also an international theater that shows a bunch of cool films for like a buck or somehting. Then there are a million clubs always holding different activities, plus individual student congregations with their own activities running all the time. And of course there's always hiking and such. And I can't even wait until winter to try skiing or snow boarding. It's amazing anything productive happens around here.

They have a lot of sill ones here too that are a bit creative. During homecoming week they had a giant slip and slide filled with foam and blue dy. Look at this, why would anyone do such a thing? Because we're dumb.

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